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Discover the joy of performing at

 Roslyn Theater Company

where everyone is a star! 

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Classes are structured as a total Musical Theater experience, from initial audition to fully-staged performance.

Join the fun! 


These classes are structured as actual Broadway musicals. From the initial "audition" class to the fully-staged performance at a theater - from casting to curtain call. Students learn stage craft, theater etiquette, dialogue, songs, staging, choreography, characterization and vocal presentation.




Roslyn Theater Company was created to enable children to discover the joy of performing.

We believe that the arts can transform lives. Involving children in the performing arts demands their focus, concentration and discipline and rewards them with self confidence, positive group participation, skills and fun!

We strive to provide an inspiring, enriching experience for our students!


Be part of changing a child’s life - RTC needs your help!  


At Roslyn Theater Company, talented and motivated students gather from various Long Island communities to explore the performing arts. These children are exposed to the care and hard work of RTC’s staff, and they learn a work ethic and confidence that leads to distinction both on and off the stage. 


RTC needs your help to extend our efforts. We are seeking supporters to bridge the gap between our earned revenue (class fee, tickets sales, etc) and our operating expenses. With financial support from generous individuals and/or corporations, we will continue to be able to put on quality productions, award scholarships, and establish school programs.


We would welcome your consideration of an investment in the future of our children. Call Jill at 516-225-3247 to find out how you can become involved!


Local Williston’s Kids Shine in “High School Musical” at Roslyn Theater Company

Williston's local talent took center stage last month in a dazzling production of "High School Musical" at the Roslyn Theater Company, directed by the renowned Jill Studley. This vibrant and energetic performance was a testament to the dedication and hard work of our community’s young stars and their supportive families.

Come visit our NEW beautiful space at 55 Lumber Road Suite 170, Roslyn NY 11576. Plenty of parking!

“Roslyn Theater has been such a gift to our family. To see our daughter learning the confidence, composure, presentation and public speaking skills she has been learning over the past few years, not to mention her growing love for the performing arts.... It’s just amazing.”

— Nicole K.

“Jill and Juliana do a fantastic job with the kids. Love this place!”

— Noreen M.

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